Kym’s published work to date includes:

SBS Comment and Analysis

Eating while driving is more dangerous than you thought (March 2015)

m_pplogo@2.g1406692752Parenting story commissioned but not yet published

Timing it right: choosing the best age gap between bubs (December 2014) – Please contact me for a copy of the full article.


Top four challenges of raising boys (October 2014)

Why your child’s grit could be more important than their IQ (September 2014)

Parenting when your partner works away (3 July 2014)

Essential Baby

Tips for studying while raising young kids (January 2015)

Delivery room surprises: when gender predictions are wrong (September 2014)


Five tips for getting to the office calmly, when the kids have other plans (March 2014)

How to make daily exercise a habit that sticks (February 2014)


Gotta Keep It Motivated (October 2013)


Are More Women Entering Physically Challenging Competitions? (July 2013)

Paid Versus Unpaid Work: Welcome to the World of a Working Mum (July 2013)

Memoir: Who Me? A Feminist? (July 2013)











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